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The future of European Paediatrics


Participe no inquérito on-line da EPA, até ao dia 20 de Dezembro e ajude a perspectivar as necessidades reais, formativas e assistenciais, da pediatria na Europa.

Different people have different needs – even paediatricians. Our success in addressing diverse healthcare issues for the young will never be greater than our capacity to recognize and handle our own diversity. We must therefore understand it together, then work with it to develop ourselves and grow together.
In a multinational survey in over 50 countries we will, for the first time ever, build a real European perspective on the needs for medical training and clinical practice support among leading paediatric healthcare practitioners.

Nobody else can tell us what your daily work is like, what your personal development needs are, or which clinical questions are closest to your heart. We would thus be most grateful if you allocate a few minutes to share your thoughts via the questionnaire linked in here below. This helps us develop a better educational and clinical practice support for you. Together we can improve European paediatrics.